Information to create a perfect Photo Puzzle

Differences between types of Photo Puzzle

We must say that exist two types of puzzles:

1 - the method we use, the conventional one used by normal producers (Raven, Clem. Heye) where the image is printed, is applied on the card (2mm Eska) and then proceed to cut.
You create the box according to your specifications, fit the pieces in the bag and close the box with cellophane. The product and finished as in the store.
The dies used have different pieces with perfect joints. The press and type tipographic with resolutions up to 1200 dpi.
Another benefit, service spare parts, if lost or missing available within 60 days from order.

2 - the method used by photographers and by many online sites for speed and lack of cutting machines, utillizzano a carton of low quality already pre-cut where applied
an image by thermal transfer. Often are delivered already mounted in plastic bags. Images are printed by common inkjet printers.
This method and acceptable if looking for a gadget but does not meet the needs of those who are used to do puzzles.

That said, if you are looking for an original gift for a friend or a loved one, you probably expect the best, and for this reason Mondopuzzle is proud to offer high quality
at competitive prices and a customer service always available..

How we produce our quality puzzle?

1. Once you have sent the photo, specially resized for the creation of the puzzle (not never we increase the size of the images), we print on professional photographic paper.
We use high resolution printers and EFI Fiery print controller. The print is covered with shiny and waterproof treatment.
The puzzle photo shows bright colors and excellent contrast. And as a cherry on the cake, we make sure that the press takes the sheen of satin.

2. The print is mounted on cardboard quality blue Eska imported from Holland. The thickness of the cardboard is 2 mm, which makes it very sturdy.
The best producers of puzzles using this type of card for their products for its exceptional quality and durability.

3. The card is then cut using professional molds (dies) created with laser technology. The different types of pieces fit perfectly together, for the accuracy of the cut.
The format of each piece is similar. Each piece, however, has a specific shape. The special blades, in addition to make the cut, they are able to smooth the contour
which makes it simple to assemble the puzzle.

4. The pieces are removed, placed in a plastic bag with closure and then packed in a box of high quality paper consists of two sections.
The box is personalized with a picture on the lid and sides (not used sticker on the box pre-packaged). The box is wrapped in PCV. You will now have a real puzzle how to shop.

Guide for the correct selection of photos for your puzzle.

1. Resolution and Format

Make sure that image is of high quality / resolution, at least 1500 px for a 500 pcs - 3000 px for a 1000 pcs (200 dpi). Generally, a higher DPI is preferable for the puzzles of larger dimensions.
For example: If you plan to order a picture puzzle of 500 pieces, try to enlarge image in the browser to at least double the size of your monitor / display.
So you can see an approximate result of printing. If image is blurred, most likely it will also print blurred.

2. Using digital images

The images taken by digital cameras are the most suitable. If you want to have a puzzle made from a scanned photo, will require a high-resolution scanner. (Not recommended)

3. Fire and background

AAvoid use of images with areas of a single color very large as the sky, sea ... etc. Of course, if it is part of an image that belongs to a beautiful bay or a wonderful blue sky
with small white clouds, is perfect. However, sometimes we receive images of a couple who swims in the sea with the same color of the sky above them in which 90% of the space
is of similar color. Try to imagine assembling a puzzle of 1,000 pieces in which 900 pieces are blue, light blue or dark blue !!

4. Frames

Try not to use thin frames on the outer edges of the image. There is one specific area of each image will be trimmed at the time of the cut pieces.
The frame may disappear or sides may have different dimensions. Frames, collage of photos or pictures to internal photo collage are acceptable.

5. Additional Information

Q: What should I consider when I load a picture, to get a photo puzzle of good quality?

The quality of your puzzle, depends entirely on the quality image. For a puzzle with 300 or 500 pieces, the resolution should be, with regard to cameras, at least 3 mega pixels and
a minimum resolution of 2000 x 1500 pixels. You should also make sure that the photograph is not blurred or taken in low light (increased noise video).
Using high resolutions, by 2000 px up the long side, preferably from cameras set to the maximum resolution; useless to have a 12 Mp camera and then shoot images at 4 Mp to save memory!!
Use Images bright, vivid colors and no flickering or snap out of focus.

Q: How do I know which resolution has my photo?

To view the resolution of the picture, click with the right mouse button on the image or name files. Properties and info files show the height and width of the image in pixels.
Q: Can I upload any image?

To create a puzzle of your image, you must have rights to this image.
Mondopuzzle reserves the right to refuse the creation, if the transmitted images are inappropriate, offensive, or violates the rights of third parties or the law.

Q: I can cut out image after loading?

YES. After loading the file, you can select the part of the image that you want to be printed on your puzzle. you can move or take only part of it.

Q: Can I order my fotopuzzle in different numbers of pieces?

You decide the number of pieces, including those listed at the time of loading procedure.

D: The quality of your photo puzzle, is different from puzzle of brand with I buy in the shops?

For the production of our photo puzzle uses the same materials and techniques of printing and cutting of the most famous international manufacturers.

Q: Can I have photo puzzle size or number of pieces other than those listed?

It is not possible. For cutting the puzzle using punches preset and so is the picture that you have to adapt to the die, and not the contrary.

Questions about ordering / delivery:

Q: How long does the production and delivery of a photo puzzle?

Usually we need to 7 working days for the production and 2 days for delivery (Italy).

Q: My order over the photo puzzle also includes other products, the shipment will be unique?

YES, order is shipped complete with all items. If you urgently, we recommend separate orders between photo puzzles and other items to immediate shipment.

D: Q: How much are the shipping costs?

Variable, depending on the destination.

Q: Can I track my shipment?

YES, with the tracking code that you will be sent at the start of the package.

Q: To which countries sent the products?


Q: Can I have my order delivered to another address?

YES, during the purchase process you can specify a different delivery address than the billing address.

Q: What payment methods can I use to pay my photo puzzle?

You can pay by Bank Transfer, Paypal and Credit Card. (with Bank Trasfer, the production phase only begins to have been credited.)

Changes and Return Policy:

Q: Can I make changes to an order containing a photo puzzle?

You can not. After payment immediately begins the production phase.

Q: Can I cancel or change the order puzzle?

You can not. The puzzle is made to your specifications (customer specifications), and according to your personal needs. And not applicable statutory rights of withdrawal.

The processing of the input data and image products is part of a technological process automated without pre-test and manual correction by our technicians. The control system is based on the DPI of the picture but the system does not check whether the picture is blurred or imperfections. For the image files sent with insufficient resolution or excessive compression, Mondopuzzle is not responsible for the poor quality of work.